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Customer Support

Equinix protects and connects the world's most demanding businesses with reliable, accessible, and experienced customer support for mission-critical operations. Our IBX® data center staff of engineers, technicians and Customer Care specialists offer onsite technical and logistical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Equinix Technical Support by Country

Americas Support by Phone Support via Email
Brazil Local Toll Free Support: 0800.892.5065
Direct Support:+55 11 3958 0325
(Please note charges will apply)
US & Canada Support: +1.866.378.4649
Colombia Support: +01.800.518.4298
Mexico Local Toll Free Support: 800.461.0061
Direct Support: +52 55 5350 1115
(Please note charges will apply)
EMEA Support by Phone Support via Email
Bulgaria Support:+359.2.4917537
Finland Support:+358 94 2453 741
France Support: +33.1.8488.3496
Germany Support: +49.1805.049.555
Ireland Support: +353 (0)1 903 8613
Italy Support:+39 02 94753529
Netherlands Support: +31.20.808.0015
Netherlands (Enschede) Managed Services: +31.053.8080.116
Poland Support:+48 22 307 88 93
Portugal Support: +00.351.3088.10818
Spain Support: +34.911.238.857
Sweden Support:+46.8.446.866.08
Switzerland (Geneva) Support: +41.22.518.0720
Switzerland (Zurich) Support: +41.43.508.1038
Turkey Support:+908503902803
United Arab Emirates (UAE) In UAE: Support:  +971.8000.4440837
Outside UAE: Support: +44.345.373.2999
United Kingdom Support: +44.345.373.2999
Asia-Pacific Support by Phone Support via Email
Australia Local Toll Free: Support: 1.800.172.417
Direct: Support: +61.3.8820.5505
China Local Toll Free: Support: 400.120.9055
Hong Kong Local Toll Free: Support: 800.906.850
Direct: Support: +852.5808.5055
Indonesia Local: +62.21.2949.3000
Japan Local Toll Free: Support: 0800.123.6449
Direct: Support: +81.50.3204.4692
Singapore Local Toll Free: Support: 800.852.3382
Direct: Support: +65.3158.5435
South Korea Local Toll Free: Support: 07988.523.8004
Direct: Support: +82 70.7488.3125