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Ghent, Belgium and San Francisco, CA (USA)


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bst365体育投注网址大全Proceedix is a game-changing Software as a Service-based central platform to manage enterprise procedures, work instructions and inspections in an easy way, while making  remote execution paperless and mobile.

The device-agnostic design allows operators to run their instructions and inspections on a Windows PC, Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and on Android wearables and smart glasses. Proceedix empowers deskless operators of the Industry 4.0 future. Industry leaders such as AGCO, Philips and FrieslandCampina are leveraging the Proceedix platform to facilitate the digital transformation on the shop floor for work instructions, quality management and smart maintenance.

Background and Achievements

Founded in 2014, Proceedix is a worldwide partner of the Glass Enterprise Edition. In September 2017, AGCO (US) announced a strategic alliance with Proceedix to power assisted reality through Glass on its manufacturing floor. In Europe, large enterprises in different industries use Proceedix to assist smart operators during maintenance, quality control and inspections.

Challenges to be Addressed

bst365体育投注网址大全Proceedix enables hands-free workflow execution with Assisted Reality smart glasses for deskless workers in production, quality control and maintenance.

Why AR is Strategic

bst365体育投注网址大全In enterprise, a vast amount of workflows are executed by deskless workers, taking care of operations on the shop floor or in the field. Assisted reality glasses are the ultimate solution to provide these workers with the right information at the right time while keeping their hands free to do the job right. Smart glasses are empowering smart operators, connecting them to the Industry 4.0.

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