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AREA Committees

bst365体育投注网址大全One of the benefits of AREA membership is that employees of member organizations are eligible to participate in one or more AREA committees.

Committee members collaborate online and meet virtually and in person to develop programs they feel will affect change and accelerate the adoption of enterprise Augmented Reality.

Only members in good standing are eligible to access committee documents and files, join and contribute to committee mailing lists, and participate in meetings. This page provides public information about our committees for non-members and website visitors.

Marketing Committee

Chair: Alyanna Ilyadis, PTC,

Charter:bst365体育投注网址大全 The AREA marketing committee goal is to promote the Enterprise AR ecosystem, the AREA and its members by providing thought leadership, neutral and useful content.

bst365体育投注网址大全1. To create, collect and curate the latest AR technology content, created by neutral thought leaders and experts.

2. To promote the Enterprise AR ecosystem, the AREA and its members.

3. To share the value add content with members and wider ecosystem.

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Members Roundtable

To improve the interaction between members, the AREA will host monthly round table calls where members will introduce their work and host Q&A sessions.

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Security Committee

Chair: Tony Hodgson, Brainwaive

Charter: The AREA Security Committee will focus on current and anticipated future security risks associated with the use of AR enabled wearable and mobile devices in enterprise environments.

1. Identify, classify and prioritize cyber security risks – known and anticipated
security risks aligned with the AREA Security Protocol.

2. Develop and disseminate security mitigation recommendations and best
practices to enterprises, device manufacturers, systems integrators, operators
and organizations overseeing enterprise cyber security.

3. Support AREA’s AR Statement of Need Requirements, via review and
contributions from a security perspective.

4. Propose education and training programs for capacity building and skill
development to enterprises, device manufacturers, systems integrators,
operators and organizations overseeing enterprise cyber security.

5. Propose research projects and programs to document, inform and increase
awareness of security risk and risk mitigation techniques and measures.

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Human Factors Interest Group (HFIG) Committee

Chair: Jonathan Kies, Qualcomm

Chair: AREA recognizes that human-centered design is critical to building and deploying successful AR applications, devices, and services.  The Human Factors Interest Group is a forum for members to exchange ideas, resources, and research on best practices.

Focus areas for this committee include the following as applied uniquely to AR:

  1. User research techniques
  2. Design methods
  3. Implementation success stories
  4. Latest research findings

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Safety Committee

Co-Chairs: Brian Laughlin and Greg Garrett, Boeing

Charter: The AREA, through the creation and work of this Safety committee, will identify and prioritize the risks and recommend steps that enterprises can take to manage and reduce those risks.

bst365体育投注网址大全1. Identify, classify and prioritize safety risks – known and anticipated safety risks (based on the agreed scope) in a framework with clear criteria.

2. Develop and disseminate risk reduction recommendations – to enterprises, device manufacturers, systems integrators, operators and organizations defining safety strategies and polices for enterprises.

3. Propose research projects and programs – to document, inform and increase awareness of safety risk and risk reduction measures.

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Research Committee

Chair: Christine Perey, PEREY Research & Consulting

Charter: The research committee goal is to conduct an advocacy research program to continually advance AR technologies to the benefit of the AREA members and the wider AR ecosystem. Objectives of this committee include:

bst365体育投注网址大全1. Capture – Encourage, promote and co-ordinate research topics and proposals from AREA members

2. Manage – Ensure the most appropriate research proposals are chosen. Manage the process to ensure the best results are gained

3. Deliver – Disseminate the results of the research, ensuring the needs of the members are met whilst continuing to benefit the wider AR ecosystem

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Requirements Committee

Chair: Chris Freeman, AMRC

Charter:bst365体育投注网址大全  The AREA requirements committee goal is to ensure the requirements become an integral, relevant and important resource. The requirements will act as a bench mark for the industry, help create a shared understanding, language and “work towards” for the developing Enterprise AR ecosystem.

  1. Communicate the Global Enterprise AR Requirements to the wider Enterprise AR ecosystem
  2. Collect and review comments / feedback / input from the wider Enterprise AR ecosystem
  3. Undertake activities to define gaps in the requirements (based on required changes in functionality and market needs)
  4. Define (specify, cost and deliver) a tool to support the communication, feedback, update and overall management of the Global Enterprise AR Requirements
  5. Organize update F2F sessions on a regular basis

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